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On tour through 2018

Art Klub New Orleans March 16 & 17, 2018 Tickets for A Goddessey in New Orleans

Santa Fe, New Mexico May 12 & 13, 2018  Tickets for A Goddessey Santa Fe

Penasco, New Mexico May 19 Tickets coming soon

LAVA presents A Goddessey, our feminist survival story that journeys through landscapes emotional and geologic carrying a transmuting traveler from a bleak and blurry patriarchal present into a rainbow colored feminist future with the help of ancestors geologic and otherwise. A Goddessey is the synthesis, culmination, and explosion of 15 years of earth-moving feminist acrobatic dance by LAVA.

Created and performed by Efe Alibo, Hilary Melcher Chapman, Molly Chanoff, Lex Garnett, Sarah Dey Hirshan, Sarah East Johnson, Lollo Romanski

Conceived and Directed by Sarah East Johnson

Music by DJ Tikka Masala

Costumes by Claudia Brown

Lighting Design by Alison May

Dramaturgy by Mimi McGurl

Additional music by Lee Free and Toshi Reagon

Inflatable Cybel by Pat Oleszko




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