June 8th - 18th at 7PM, $15 at the lava studio

524 Bergen Street, Brooklyn, NY 11217



LAVA presents A Goddessey, our feminist survival story that journeys through landscapes emotional and geologic carrying a transmuting traveler from a bleak and blurry patriarchal present into a rainbow colored feminist future with the help of ancestors geologic and otherwise. A Goddessey is the synthesis, culmination, and explosion of 15 years of earth moving performance by LAVA.

LAVA brings feminist acrobatics to new heights in A Goddessey, interweaving human pyramids, hoop diving, aerial feats, wrestling, and contact improvisation to invoke a physical expression that embodies empowerment, connection, and the complex inter-weaving of the individual and her community of ancestors, guides, goddesses, and families of all kinds.

The company’s long-awaited and much-anticipated epic new work, which will have its World Premiere at the (new) Flea Theater in the fall of 2017, begins in the big bad city with obstacles and aggressions at every turn and a visit to Oppression Dance Class where competition, conformity, objectification, and body shame are the lessons of the day. On the way home from class, the Traveler falls down an open “manhole” cover. With references to traditional folk tales, Dorothy’s trip to Oz, Alice’s fall down the rabbit hole, A Journey to the Center of the Earth, and Odysseus’ travels to faraway lands, the Traveler goes to nine landscapes, each of which offers her a guide to accompany her, and a valuable lesson to carry home. At the end of the journey, our Traveler returns to the city sidewalks and a world that is transformed by lessons and connections that deliver us all to a vision of transformation that could be just within reach and just in the nick of time. LAVA’s re-telling of the traditional “hero’s journey” subverts the lone hero’s quest of fights, feats, and loss, and instead offers the tale of a string of connected women seeking pre-patriarchal knowledge, unearthing a shared legacy of lost lessons, and enjoying a return home to a vision of future feminist balance and equality.


Directed by Sarah East Johnson. Music by DJ Tikka Masala; Costumes by Claudia Browne; Lighting by Alison May; Choreography and performance by LAVA members Molly Chanoff, Lollo Romanski, Sarah Dey Hirshan, Hilary Melcher Chapman, Efe Alibo, Mieke D, and Lex Garnett. Directorial consultant Anni Davey. Text by Starhawk, Kay Turner, subway poetry, Elizabeth Bishop, bell hooks, Harriet Tubman, Robin Wall Kimmerer. Dramaturgy by Mimi McGurl. Additional music by Toshi Reagon and Lee Free.



SAT 6/3 @ 7PM - NACL Theatre : Highland Lake, NY

THURS 6/8 - SUN 6/11 @ 7PM - LAVA Studio : Brooklyn, NY

THURS 6/15 - SUN 6/18 @ 7PM - LAVA Studio : Brooklyn, NY

THURS 11/30 - SUN 12/10 @ 8PM - The Flea Theater : NYC

FRI 12/15 - SUN 12/17 @ TBA - Neighborhood House : Philadelphia, PA