Participants of all genders and at all levels of experience are invited to explore the physicality  and creative processes of LAVA’s feminist acrobatic dance in an environment that is respectful, positive, and unpretentious. Led by Johnson and other Company members, participants gain strength and flexibility through instruction in handstands, tumbling, partner acrobatics, improvisation and movement composition, culminating in a performance of original choreography created within the workshop. Sessions can be as short as 1 and as long as 5 hours, lasting between 1-day(s) and 3-weeks; ideally within a playing space no smaller than 20x24' with 11' ceilings.

Igneous rock is liquid rock; its new and unique expressions explode and flow to the surface of the earth in the same way that the participants’ creativity will flow to the surface throughout the Igneous Processes Workshop experience.



Based in the work of LAVA’s original junior company, this movement workshop for young women ages 5 to 17 builds strength, physical connections, sensitive communication, and personal responsibility through acrobatics and dance training. Participants work on handstands, tumbling, partnering, improvisation, and creative expression. A culminating performance is created in collaboration with workshop participants and LAVA company instructors.

Magma is literally molten rock, or lava, that is found below the surface of the earth; Magma workshops are geared toward empowering girls below the surface of adulthood.



Participants learn and create the movement worlds of some or all of A Goddessey’s journey:  The Sidewalk, The Cave, The Forest, Moon and Water, Rocks and Mountains, Space, Desert, and/or Utopia.  Each landscape has a unique movement language and a developmental process that guides performing artists into the deeper meanings of each environment, and allows for individual exploration of each role in the work.  

Minimum group size is 6 people.  

To book a workshop or class with LAVA, please e-mail our General Manager at GM@lavabrooklyn.org