LAVA Founder and Artistic Director Sarah East Johnson offers lectures, artist talks and moderated discussions drawing on 25+ years of living, practicing and choreographing from principles of feminism and anthropology. Talks can be adapted for school-age, teen and adult audiences. Topics include:

LIMESTONE BONES AND SUBDUCTION ZONES: Connecting Geology and Dance. What is appropriate material for inspiration? How can science – or any other academic interest – come together with the performing arts to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts? Learn how passion for the “inanimate”  can animate movement, music and text.

THE BARRE AND THE SPIRAL: How does movement reflect our social, political, environmental, and cultural assumptions about body and self? What separates the language of dance from the language of sport and everyday movement?

FEMINIST INSPIRATION: Dive into some of the source material for LAVA’s A Goddessey, from Starhawk and Harriet Tubman to Kay Turner, Elizabeth Bishop and Rebecca Solnit. Discover the feminist canon!

To book a lecture, Q&A panel, and/or discussion group with LAVA Founding Artistic Director, Sarah East Johnson, please email our General Manager at