LAVA’s newest work, A GODDESSEY is an accessible 75-minute piece for 6-8 dancers that takes the form of a feminist survival story. Our Traveler journeys from a gray and patriarchal present to a rainbow-colored feminist future with the help of ancestors and guides, geologic and otherwise, using LAVA’s signature blend of circus acrobatics, social dancing, wrestling, postmodern dance, trapeze, and contact improvisation.

Pre- and post-performance workshops and discussions are also available.

LAVA can perform in a variety of venues, but our ideal has a 20x24' playing space with buffer and 11' ceilings. 

LAVA's sold-out performances have been praised by Newsweek Magazine as, "...evoking the fiery heat and unceasing movement of Earth's inner forces. These seven intrepid performers charge with explosive energy." 

The New York Times says, "Dance and acrobatics and feminism and science are each their own distinct worlds, but LAVA has been cleverly combining them with style and humor since 2000."  

To book a performance by LAVA, please e-mail our General manager at