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A Goddessey at NECCA


LAVA presents A Goddessey, our feminist survival story that journeys through landscapes emotional and geologic carrying a transmuting traveler from a bleak and blurry patriarchal present into a rainbow colored feminist future with the help of ancestors geologic and otherwise. A Goddessey is the synthesis, culmination, and explosion of 15 years of earth-moving performance by LAVA.

LAVA’s unique movement language integrates handstands, human pyramids, hoop-diving, aerials, wrestling, and post-modern dance in the re-telling of the traditional “hero’s journey” subverting the lone hero’s quest of fights, feats, and loss and instead offering the tale of a string of connected women seeking pre-patriarchal knowledge, unearthing a shared legacy of lost lessons, and enjoying a return home to a vision of future feminist balance and equality.

Earlier Event: June 18
Later Event: November 30